Server colocation solutions adjusted to
the rack space that you need.

Does your business need to colocate a few servers but don’t want to rent a full rack? While not many providers in the Seattle area allow such services, Wowrack has a few partitioned-space options available for you.

Wowrack Colocation Service comes with partitioned cabinet options, allowing you to colocate the servers that you have within a space that you truly need.

Get the most out of the right amount

Cut unnecessary expenses

Spend less on things that you don’t actually need and only pay for the space that you use. Focus your resources on your core business needs.


Determine the space that you need

Pick the best out of our available options that suits your needs, ranging from 1/6 cabinet for 6U up to 1/2 cabinet for 20U of space.


Scale your custom space easily

Increase your custom-built, partitioned space to colocate more servers easily within 1 – 5 business days, typically.


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Wowrack Partitioned Cabinet

Here are the cabinet sizes that we offer



6U of Space

5A @ 120V Included (4A usable)

Up to .96kW of power



10U of Space

10A @ 120V Included (8A usable)

Up to 1.44kW of power



20U of Space

10A @ 120V Included (8A usable)

Up to 2kW of power

What You Will Get

What’s included in our service:

  • 100 Mbps on 1Gbps Port
  • 24/7/365 Two-Factor Key Card Access
  • 24/7/365 Staffed Data Center
  • 24/7/365 System and Network Engineering Support (additional fees may apply)
  • Free Remote Re-bootable 8 Port PDU
  • Free Basic Remote Hands (1-2 hours per month depending on space size)
  • Free Initial Rack and Stack
  • Free Local Moves
  • Free use of KVM/IP & serial console port upon request
  • Free Transport to Westin Building
  • Access to our spare supplies inventory

Typical Provisioning Time: 1-5 business days


Here’s a brief look at our facility

  • 18,000 Square Foot SSAE-18 Type II/SOC 2 audited data center
  • N+1 Cooling
  • Highly efficient UPS with 2N and N+1 farms
  • Generator with onsite fuel for 24 hours runtime w/fuel contracts to enable forever runtime; tested weekly
  • Free Secure Covered Parking
  • 180 Gbps Network
  • Seattle Internet Exchange Available

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