Your dedicated 24/7 security team that proactively monitor
and remediates potential IT issues.

Does your business have a dedicated team that solely focuses on security monitoring and remediation? While cybersecurity is getting more important than ever, having a dedicated team to only focus on it is still considerably costly.

Wowrack features the help from our 24/7 available security experts to be your dedicated cybersecurity team. Besides optimized protection, you will also get insights about your security and risk mitigation from upcoming threats upon ordering our managed security solution.

Run your business securely 24/7

Keep yourself away from cyber dangers

No need to worry as we will continuously monitor any emerging threats and apply patches, as well as block malicious traffic. Proactively


Get protected from evolving threats

Be consistently safe from rapidly changing and evolving cyber threats. Our team is always up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity trends all the time.


Save yourself from overspending

Get an immediate help from security experts at all time, without having to spend too much time and money to build your own specialized team.


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Why Wowrack Managed Security



Our team is trained in conducting a safe cybersecurity practice by closely following information security protocols


True Dedicated

Wowrack security team will always monitor your security 24/7 even to its smallest details if necessary. Proactively.



Our service can include
additional security requests for clients who have unique compliancy requirements

Our security coverage

Infrastructure Security

Our infrastructure security goes beyond our audited facilities and certified engineers. Upon requested, we can provide more physical protection, access controls, logs, and video of anyone approaching your physical infrastructure.


Network Security

High-tier security deployment such as DDoS protection, VPN, next-gen firewall, log monitoring can be delivered alongside their continuous management.


Disaster Recovery

Wowrack can design and implement disaster recovery site for your infrastructure to avoid prolonged downtime upon issues with your primary deployment.


Mail Security

Powered by Barracuda’s robust technology, our mail security services deliver up to the smallest details of protection, such as redundancy, spam filtering, virus protection, data leak prevention, and more.


Data Encryption

Wowrack provides cost-efficient encryption for your data, in-transit and at-rest. Our encryption features can also be delivered based on your security requirements.



Wowrack can customize your infrastructure and security environments to adhere to your compliancy requirements. We can also sign any needed BAA’s as required.


Ready to Deploy Your
Infrastructure with Wowrack