The best fit managed solutions for
your colocated server at Wowrack data center.

Have your servers ever needed some maintenance yet none of your team is able to travel to the data center? When such situation happens, your business potentially gets disrupted—either big time or small time. But worry no more, you can significantly mitigate the risk.

Wowrack offers remote hands service that ensures the best treatment for your servers whenever you need it, without having to travel and do it yourself personally. Let our tech pros do it for you.

Quick help whenever you need it

Get better results with less work

Spend less energy to travel and do regular server maintenance with the help of our seasoned experts. Our team has maintained numerous servers on a daily basis for more than two decades.


Save more money

Wowrack gives every colocation customer up to 4 basic remote hands for free. Also, for every basic remote hand task that can be completed within 15 minutes, we won’t bill for it.


Reach out to us anytime you need it

Whenever you need it, you can ask for our remote hands assistance. Our team will be on stand-by, 24/7/365 in a year, to cater to your needs, even if it’s very sudden.


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Why Wowrack Remote Hands



Our engineers are well-trained and certified to handle any requests, big or small.


Strict Security

Wowrack follows strict security protocols to ensure that every service is delivered properly



Our team comprises tech-savvies who are dealing with server maintenance day-in and day-out

Wowrack Remote Hands Plans

Our remote hands comes in two different plans
depending on the level of service required


Basic Remote Hands

  • Reboots
  • KVM/IP hookup
  • Replacing hot-swappable components (HDD/SSD)
  • Replacing hot-swappable power supply units
  • Remote eyes
  • Power reading
  • Cable tracing within cabinets

Free if tasks is completed
within 15 minutes


Smart Remote Hands

  • Tasks that require devices to be opened
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Component replacement
  • OS installation
  • RAID setups

Billable per 15 minutes
Additional services can be requested

Ready to Deploy Your
Infrastructure with Wowrack