The best fully scalable image level backup and replication
built for faster data and system recovery.

When it comes to off-site backup, a typical backup solution often lacks of speed and efficiency. This can be problematic for business who needs a quick and direct access to their backup data, especially under certain urgencies.

Wowrack Veeam Cloud Connect lets you quickly store and retrieve your backups in a secured cloud repository hosted in our Wowrack network. Wait unnecessarily no more.

Backup safely, effortlessly

Backup and recover quickly

Reduce time and complexity to store and retrieve your backup with our Veeam Cloud Connect Gateway. All process is direct and protected with SSL.


Pay as you go

No monthly commitments, zero setup fees and no upfront costs. Pricing is based only on the amount of VMs you have with us and by per gigabyte of storage.


Get maximum security and privacy

From scheduling, retention policies, up to encryption, how you control your data remains on your end, giving you full transparency and maximum flexibility.


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Why Wowrack Veeam Cloud Connect



Each data stored will automatically be compressed — gaining the added benefits of a lower usage fee.


24/7 Dedicated

Our ISO 27001-certified team of specialists is ready to help you anytime you need it.


Fully Scalable

You can deploy independently on either physical Windows machines or virtual equivalent.

Our technology framework

  • Every transfer process to a dedicated cloud repository is conducted through a secure SSL connection.
  • Easy failovers and failback management with a local environment to continue operations without interruption.
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) acceleration that supports faster data transfer speeds between your on-premise servers to our infrastructure.
  • Increased backup reliability with a fully redundant N+1 infrastructure that cuts the need of having a second backup site, eliminating unnecessary cost.

Wowrack can also retrieve any VMs that have been backed up
to the Veeam Cloud Connect as live servers for on-the-fly recovery.

Ready to Deploy Your
Infrastructure with Wowrack